Out of the frying pan, into the fire. Uintah still taking the heat for school lunch fiasco

Even a week after the event, top search results for Uintah Elementary include “lunches seized from kids,” “school begins damage control,” and “parents still upset over lunch debacle.” When the cafeteria manager threw away those kids’ lunches, they clearly did not realize the possibility of the situation becoming viral. With the school’s reputation quite possibly irreplaceably damaged, the faculty of Uintah and Salt Lake City School District have taken appropriate strides to try and repair it. The first of their efforts being to issue apologies and explanations of the situation on the district’s facebook page. Since the initial incident the page has posted several updates on how they will be handling the staff involved and possible new procedures for future incidents. Uintah Elementary’s principal has also issued a personal, heartfelt apology letter on the school’s official website. While social media and the Internet made this event into a nation-wide controversy, I believe it will be critical in trying to repair the damage. From the measures taken already, I think school and district staff seem to understand that importance.