21 years young

As my 21st birthday approaches I’m overwhelmed with the possibilities of how I will celebrate. Not being a huge fan of alcohol in the first place I would also like to remember the night and not feel like death the next morning. On that note I think I’ve crossed out the most obvious answer of getting wasted with my gal pals at a dingy bar in Tigerland. Once that was out of the question I was stumped. I came to realize being a college student who is often surrounded by inebriation, you have to get creative with celebratory events. Here are a few, what I think to be unique, ideas of how to celebrate the big two-one.

1. As Tom and Donna put it, “Treat yo’ self.” Get dolled up, invite your closest friends, go to that raved about restaurant and indulge. You and your friends are there to celebrate the fact that you exist, that you’re on this earth, and that you entered this world exactly 21 years and however many hours ago. What better reason to go all out?

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area I recommend dining at Bistro Byronz for a friendly yet chic atmosphere, Tsunami for an incredible view, or Juban’s for the best refined cajun food out there. Continue reading